On June 25th, Forbes listed Brian Skrobonja’ Common Sense Financial Podcast on their “Top 10 Personal Finance Podcasts By Financial Advisors”. Forbes lists the podcast as best for “people nearing retirement and who have families”, referencing Brian’s focus on wealth building, generational and estate planning.

To be considered for the Top 10 list, the financial advisors had to be registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission as investment advisors or the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority as brokers. Their aim was not only to find podcasts that gave qualified financial advice, but that were focused on education rather than product sales.

“Many FA podcasters are mainly looking to promote their paid services,” says Asia Martin, a Forbes Staff member. “But there are definitely some who are more interested in educating the public about key personal finance issues than they are about picking up new clients.”

Brian Skrobonja has been focused on increasing value and changing mindsets in the financial services industry since 1993. The Common Sense Financial Podcast is available on his website brianskrobonja.com/podcasts, Apple podcasts, and SoundCloud.