“The Truth Will Set You Free!” This is a phrase we have all heard and it originated in the New Testament in John 8:32, when Jesus said to the new believers, “you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” Whether you are trying to figure out the destination of your soul and the meaning of life or simply trying to figure out how to be smart with money and build real wealth, you have to know the truth. You have to know what is real and not just theory, what is fact and not fiction, what is truth and not just opinion. Opinions are like a beating heart, everyone has one and they flow from each of us like breath but you have to protect yourself from being a collector of opinions and be a seeker of truth. People often speak with confidence when sharing their theories, ideas, and opinions explaining them as facts. People also tend to show only what they want you to see. Social media is a huge part of our society these days and if you spend anytime on it at all you quickly discover that everyone is more successful than you are, they have nicer cars, take nicer vacations and their family is better than yours. That is all of course a lie but it can still leave you having these feelings and the feelings can drive behavior. It doesn’t have to be social media, it can be anything that influences your way of thinking. All can lead to irrational decision making and living in this gap between fact and fiction. The Gap is the space between what you think you should be doing and what you actually should be doing.…It is this space between what you think you know and what you don’t know. The biggest mistakes are made in this gap. In this podcast I will discuss The 6 Biggest Mistakes of 2019 and how to avoid them in 2020.