We all have blinders about various things in our life that leave us blind to things we do not know or understand.

What is a blinder?  Well, it could be a bias about something, it could be a protection mechanism to ignore something, it could be immaturity about something or it could simply be ignorance of not knowing any better. 

In fact, what I have found is that for most people who are experiencing investing immaturity is that once they are provided more education about how to invest, they often move past this stage into more advanced wealth strategies.

The best way to look at this is that like anything: We only know what we know.  In other words, the root cause of investing immaturity for most people is simply not knowing any different.

To make the most of your investments, you need to think about them in the right way because investing immaturity can hold you back from reaching the next level with your finances.



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