Common Sense Financial Podcast

Goal Setting and New Year Resolutions

If you’re like me and millions of other people, with the new year comes thinking about making improvements in their life and setting resolutions. And the two areas at the top of many peoples list are often fitness goals and financial goals.

So in this podcast, I want to help you start the year off right and offer an easy way to set yourself up for success.

I get really pumped up when the New Year arrives because it is a time of resetting the mistakes I have made in the previous year. It is a mental game for me that creates an opportunity to stop and think about what needs to be fixed and evaluate where my heart is with different things motivating me to make some changes in my routine to live a better life.

It is my hope with today’s podcast that you can be as excited as I am with getting organized with the changes you want to make and feel like you have a plan to follow to get started.

In the podcast, you will learn that the biggest challenge is sitting and thinking about all the things you want to change. It can get a bit overwhelming and make you feel defeated before you even get started.

Listen as I discuss an easy-to-follow system I use personally for setting goals, and a great opportunity to learn more about building wealth for yourself.