Common Sense Financial Podcast

Episode 34 Is Having Wealth Okay?

If you could narrow down the most confusing and divisive topics you can think of, you would find that the confusion and divisiveness is rooted in opinions.

Being in the business of working with money, I know first hand that there is no shortage of opinions and misconceptions of the truth when it comes to managing money.

It is quite fascinating from my vantage point because I have counseled thousands of people over the years and I can tell you that there is a lot of bad information that people carry as the truth.

Add into the conversation what the bible has to say about money and you are in for a wild ride of thoughts and opinions.

What I have learned over time was that the bible references money in different ways and in different terms over a thousand times through out more than 2500 verses.

And as I began learning more about what these versus said, I realized that there are a lot of conversations centered on money, mindset and priorities that are often taken out of context.

Today’s podcast is going to be a little different. I had the opportunity to sit down with my pastor Kenny Qualls recently and had a real life conversation about wealth and the bible.