Common Sense Financial Podcast

Little Known Strategies Every Entrepreneur Should Know

I have been an entrepreneur going on twenty-seven years and have made it a priority to help other entrepreneurs avoid many of the mistakes I have made as well as helping them fill a serious gap in their financial planning.

The gap I am talking about is the gap between the thoughts and goals you have floating around in your head and the advice you are getting from your CPA or financial advisor.

You see, there is a serious disconnect between what advice is being given and what your needs really are.

While your thinking about growing your business, storing money for easy access and increasing cash flow, your financial advisor may be telling you to invest and tie your money up in the stock market for your retirement.

Your CPA might be telling you to open a SEP IRA, 401k or profit-sharing plan to reduce this year’s tax liabilities.

They may even be telling you to spend money to generate a tax deduction!

The advice being handed out doesn’t seem to be lining up with what most entrepreneurs need and want which is a serious problem.

A byproduct of this disconnect is that the information being received can cause feelings of guilt for not doing what is being suggested, leading to uncertainty about the decisions you are making and ultimately becoming frustration about the entire situation.

In this podcast I will discuss strategies that every business owner should be doing to take control over their cash flow, reduce tax liabilities, grow their business and free themselves from the day-to-day responsibilities.