Common Sense Financial Podcast

Episode 37 Overcoming Stressors that Limit Success- Interview With Chez Barbosa

I’m involved in financial matters nearly every day in my life, and it energizes me to be working with clients to solve problems and create strategies for generating the outcome the client’s working towards. And I speak with dozens of clients each week.

But there is another side to all of this that at times can overshadow all the math and all the logic – and that other side is human behavior.

In this episode of the Common Sense Financial Podcast, I have a conversation with Chez Barbosa who is the CEO and Co-Founder of True Vine Christian Services.  He’s a licensed counselor specializing in marriage and family dynamics, along with communication and conflict resolution training.

We dive right in and discuss how our thinking affects our decision making as well as our relationships around the topic of money.  Chez is going to help break all this down for us and offers some strategies and techniques that could possibly help you make some life altering improvements.