Common Sense Financial Podcast

The Counterintuitive Truth About Becoming Financially Free in The New Year

There is a hidden danger in your life right now.

It’s not something nefarious or overt. You (probably) don’t have a grizzly bear hiding in your shower right now.

It’s something simple.

It’s everywhere, all the time, and most people never think about it.

It’s the status quo.

The slow slide towards entropy and decay…

And the simple fact that, if you don’t make changes in your life and keep investing energy into it, things keep getting worse.

When it comes to financial freedom, it’s not automatically going to happen just because you keep putting money into your stock portfolio.

If you want to really be financially free in retirement, there is a crucial, yet subtle, mindset shift you need to make right now for that to happen.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

● Why it’s easier to go 100% at something than it is to go 95%,
● What most people do wrong when it comes to investing for retirement,
● A simple mental exercise that reveals exactly how much income you need to feel financially free

Listen to the latest episode of the podcast to find out the counter intuitive truth about becoming financially free and why most portfolios are built for the wrong financial goals.