Common Sense Financial Podcast

The Four Headwinds That Could Ruin a Retirement Plan

I am fortunate to have a perspective that most people do not have when it comes to money because I am privileged to work one on one with people discussing their financial situation, which elevates my understanding for what it takes for people to build wealth.

It is a front-row seat to thousands of cases seeing what works and what doesn’t work and I see more and more people struggling with headwinds they never knew could impact their financial progress.

You see, there are serious issues we all face regardless of whether or not you realized them yet or not, they exist and they are making it very difficult for people to reach their goals.

These are things that after you hear what they are and how they are changing the landscape of our economy you will understand why they are important.

In this podcast, I will cover four specific headwinds and offer some insight into how to overcome them.

Be forewarned, a lot of what we hear in the mainstream media is often short-sighted and only accounts for what is happening right here, right now.

It is time to open your eyes and realize that the landscape is changing and if you don’t make changes in how you think and what your doing you may very well be left behind.

Check out my latest podcast, The Four Headwinds That Can Ruin Your Retirement.

As always, if you have any questions about what you learn about today please let me know. I get a lot of questions about money and am happy to point you in the right direction.