Common Sense Financial Podcast

The “Secret” For Achieving Financial Independence

The most wealthy and financially independent people I know realize something that most people don’t. They realize that wealth…true financial independence… is not found in the amount of money that you have.

That is what most people believe… they think that if they have a lot of money saved that they will have this sense of independence. And there is some truth to that…accumulating a lot of money is a great accomplishment in this consumer driven society.
In this podcast I want to share with you this simple paradigm shift that I believe could be the most significant money lesson you ever learn.

How many times have you heard stories of famous movie stars, athletes and lottery winners having millions of dollars and filing for bankruptcy? Seems impossible until you understand what is happening.
They believed their money was their freedom and spent the money. What they didn’t realize is that having money is not the formula for financial freedom.
In this podcast I will discuss why financial freedom is all about having a consistent flow of income that is generated from your money…not the money itself.