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Discover The 5 Questions To Ask So You’re Safely Set Up For Retirement

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Is Your Financial Future Optimized and Protected?

If the answer is anything but a confident YES!, then this site was created just for you.

After all, it’s critical to make sure that you and your family’s wealth is positioned in a way that gives you the highest probability for success.

And to do that, you need real-life solutions to many of the financial questions floating around in your head right now.

The world of finance can seem confusing with its fancy technical terms used by other financial advisors that make decisions about money seem scary and even impossible to navigate through!

The TRUTH Is… Money is NOT that Complicated.

With a few simple strategies and upgrades, your finances CAN be in a much safer and healthier place.

I understand the fear, uncertainty, anxiousness (and some excitement too!) that comes with planning the details of your financial future.

This site is designed specifically for successful individuals and entrepreneurs to help you simplify, safeguard and holistically grow your wealth. I want you to have the same tools I wish I had years ago, so you can establish flexibility, access and control of your assets in the most easy to understand way.

Just imagine having the confidence and peace of mind from knowing that you are following financial strategies used by some of the wealthiest families in America. The result…A LOT MORE control of your money during your lifetime and for future generations.

I’m here to make sure that you’re retirement ready as soon as possible, no matter what your age.

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A Guy From St. Louis… Helping People Like You Live With Financial Confidence Since 1993

Hi, I’m Brian.

Long before I built up my wealth management firm and personally began supporting the multitude of individuals and families we work with, I had the itch to help successful people keep and build more wealth.

I was lucky. I figured out early that the financial services industry is broken. Some of the most widely held beliefs about money are actually false or based on half-truths. It isn’t right, and it’s leading people astray (maybe even you and your life savings).

My life’s mission is to help you discover and recreate the root of your beliefs about money so you can reach and exceed your money goals.

I Have Helped Many People Successfully Build & Protect Their Wealth,
And I Can Help You As Well…

"After meeting with Brian all of our concerns about the stress and how we are going to handle things financial were gone, he was a calming force…He was even thinking about the future before we were…I have no reservations about going along with Brian's recommendations, but he doesn't just come out and say you need to do this - he wants you to think about it and think through it and it to be our decision."

— Gary

"I just feel like I can trust him (Brian), he never pressures us, he never pushes us…One of the huge values to working with Brian is the resources that he provides and brings to the table…I know he's managing it; I know he's doing it right, and continuously taking small steps forward."

— Brandon and Kate

"Brian is very well rounded and very professional…and is really what sold us on him…He helped me understand some different ways to approach things, with his knowledge and background of everything, if we don't understand it he'll explain it…He wasn't just trying to sell us an investment, he wanted me to know what I was doing."

— Phil and Becky

After we had met with Brian, we just felt like he was extremely knowledgeable and asked some questions that we hadn’t pondered or thought about and helped us to think through some things…We had a lot of different things to juggle, and we needed someone who knew all the different areas and how to navigate through it….After we had met with Brian we felt very confident that he could help us navigate through this.

— Sandy

"It was the first time that I was truly aware of where we stood financially and what our future might look like…his Christian background was in-line with our ideals, and we made sure to follow through with what [Brian] said because we knew that he really did have our best interests at heart…Now living in Arizona, we still feel confident with even the distance that we are from Brian and the St Louis area, and it feels like we are right there….If anybody is thinking about finding someone who is not only very knowledge and an expert in finance you need to think about Brian Skrobonja and his company."

— Randy and Kim

I knew that when he was giving me recommendations it was in no way what was best for him business-wise, it was always going to be what was best for me and our business…When we started with Brian, we didn’t have any kind of road map…Brian helped us realize that we have to think beyond our current situation…We knew where we wanted to end up eventually, but we had no steps to get us there.... He was able to put together some plans for us that supported our financial needs later on in life.

— Jon and Trisha

"He has handled our business the same way he did thirty years ago, just honest and transparent and done exactly what we wanted to do…The combination of the trust and transparency along with the prompt attention are the biggest reasons that I gladly continue to work with Brian…There's very little time in the day for other things. To be able to willingly let go of my money and trust that somebody is managing it for me is immensely helpful."

— Jason

"He's a person that you trust what he says, and if you don't understand he'll make sure you understand…When we first met with Brian we were in credit card debt...he helped us get out of debt and stay out of debt and showed us things we didn't realize were available to us…Brian was able to show us when we would be able to retire and be able to afford it, then let our money do the work…You don't have to sit there at night and feel like the money's not working for you."

— Debbie and Steve

"Brian has really helped broaden the view of what is available…He has my interests in mind and I am confident in him…I am more comfortable with my finances and wealth management."

— Bruce

“He listens to what our needs are and understands what the goals are and is willing to adjust to those goals…We know that what he tells us he has our interests in mind and is trying to steer us towards the goals that we are trying to reach…He has opened our minds to a lot more possibilities and what is actually out there.”
– Brian and Melissa

— Brian and Melissa
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Top 10 Podcast By Financial Advisors

Common Sense Financial Podcast

The Common Sense Financial Podcast is all about finances, mindset and
personal growth. The goal is to help you make smart choices with your
money in your home and in your business.

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Brian’s BLOG

Everything You Need To Know About
Building and Protecting Wealth

Ep53 Blog Img


If you’re within six months or so of retirement, there are certain things you need to do now to help prepare yourself for the transition into retirement. Throughout this retirement preparation process, there will be times when you feel as though you are making a series of rapid-fire micro decisions

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If you’re within six months or so of retirement, there are certain things you need to do now to help prepare yourself for the transition into retirement. Throughout this retirement preparation process, there will be times when you feel as though you are making a series of rapid-fire micro decisions

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EP 43: Kids, Puzzles and Cashflow

When my kids were growing up, many days my wife would sit with them on the floor putting puzzles together. They would laugh and talk as they worked together arranging the pieces to create the picture on the box. When the kids were young, the puzzles consisted of 20 pieces

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EP 42: Your Legacy, Your Wealth, Your Choice

The Chinese proverb “rags to rags in three generations” says that family wealth does not last for three generations. The first generation makes the money, the second spends it and the third sees none of the wealth. The Chinese aren’t the only ones who acknowledge this as a problem. In

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EP 41: Wealth Strategies For Successful Entrepreneurs

I’m an entrepreneur and just so happen to be in the business of providing other entrepreneurs with financial advice. But I don’t typically offer up the usual status quo advice that tells you to do things that aren’t always in alignment with growing your business. My views originate from my

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Brian’s BookS

Wealth Library


Your Guide To Making Smart
Choices With Your Money

Section 6 Book 1
Section 6 Star

Easy Read - Great Information

“This book is easy to read and has
a lot of good, applicable
information in it.”


Creating and Perpetuating
Wealth For Generations

Section 6 Book 2
Section 6 Star

A must read for all parents and

“I found this book simple to read,
but at the same time utterly


Have a Plan So You Can
Live Your Life

Section 6 Book 3
Section 6 Star

Good Book!

BUILD Your Wealth and
Legacy On Your Terms.

Ready to follow a proven financial system, refined over 25 years and followed by the most successful families and individuals we work with?

Discover The BUILD Wealth System™ Now so
you can quickly gain control of your finances
and build a financial future on your terms.

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