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EP 42: Your Legacy, Your Wealth, Your Choice

The Chinese proverb “rags to rags in three generations” says that family wealth does not last for three generations. The first generation makes the money, the second spends it and the third sees none of the wealth. The Chinese aren’t the only ones who acknowledge this as a problem. In

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EP 41: Wealth Strategies For Successful Entrepreneurs

I’m an entrepreneur and just so happen to be in the business of providing other entrepreneurs with financial advice. But I don’t typically offer up the usual status quo advice that tells you to do things that aren’t always in alignment with growing your business. My views originate from my

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Hannah Morgan DnkM5wPjVdg Unsplash

Living a Life of Purpose after Retirement

When I talk about my definition of retirement, I think it sometimes catches people off guard. In my mind, retirement is not who you are or where you’re at in life, rather it is the transition of your time and money. In other words, it is a process you go

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Ep 39: The Five Signs of an Immature Investor

Could You Be an ‘Immature’ Investor?  5 Danger Signs To Watch Out For We all have blinders about various things in our life that leave us blind to things we do not know or understand. What is a blinder?  Well, it could be a bias about something, it could be

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Ep 38: The First Domino

I want to begin this episode with a story. There was this guy named Joe. He was a fairly savvy guy who was always trying to make the best decisions he could with his money so he could build financial security for himself. He worked a full-time job as an

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