Common Sense Financial Podcast

A Behind the Scenes Look into A Client Case

I have hundreds of meetings every year with people who want my help to identify areas of their plan that need attention and solutions for doing things right.

I recall meeting with a couple who wanted my opinion on whether or not they were well-positioned for they’re pending retirement.

They shared with me that they were set on retiring and needed to make things work with what they have.

So, we arranged a meeting to review what they had and I gave them the opportunity to provide me with some insight into who they have been working with, why they invested the way that they did and what they felt the purpose of the money they have is going forward.

Listen in as I discuss this couple’s situation and how we helped them make improvements in several areas of their financial situation.

What you will learn is that having a financial plan in place is much different than simply having some life insurance and a few investments.

Learn all the different consideration we made when helping this couple prepare for their retirement.

As always, if you have any questions about what you learn about today please let me know. I get a lot of questions about money and am happy to point you in the right direction.