Traditional public markets have been historically viewed as normal when it comes to investing but over the last decade we have seen a shift in this attitude toward finding alternatives to the stock market. Though we have been seeing a shift in investor behavior and attitude about markets for quite some time, COVID has brought a sense of urgency to the conversation for finding an alternative to traditional markets. And it is not difficult to understand why. The abrupt volatility that investors have experienced lately has them going from peak to valley in the matter of days. And any rational investor at one point or another has questioned if there is a better way. Now to be clear, there is risk in any type if investment. There is no unicorn that can deliver all things good but I do believe that a new normal is taking shape that offers investors an updated paradigm of what diversification really is. Whether you realized that this was happening or not, this path is already being paved by forward thinking investors and money managers who recognized this shift several years ago and are now operating under a new normal. I believe what we are discussing here is the answer to what many investors are asking for and its why I decided to spend time today sharing this information with you. Today I have on with us portfolio manager Daniel Wildermuth to discuss the growing interest in private markets and how they differ from public markets.