The truth is that we all, as human beings, carry around this proverbial backpack of beliefs and emotions, and we carry it everywhere we go. And when we show up somewhere that’s in a relationship and a conversation having to make a decision, we unpack the backpack. There’s no hiding the backpack. It’s with us all the time. It is full of of a lot of good things, but mixed in with it our limited beliefs that can wreak havoc with our decision making.

These beliefs are just an accumulation of information that you either hear you read, you experience that can have you instantly forming an opinion that then drives your behavior and decision making. It’s what drives your thoughts, your opinions, your attitudes and your propensity.

Think about it. You eat bad sushi and then you get sick. That belief forms that sushi is bad and you throw that belief into the backpack.

You go into a store and have a bad experience.

You belief into the backpack.

You meet someone for the first time and within ten seconds a belief is cemented in your head and into the backpack it goes.

You hear a financial opinion into the backpack. You do it constantly. And at times you may find your beliefs challenged the way you think, your relationships, your attitude, your finances, and begin to question why you believe what you believe.

But this isn’t always a bad thing. Cleaning out the backpack of beliefs occasionally can prove to be a good thing when you can get rid of beliefs that are preventing you from making important decisions in your life. The psychology of why we do what we do is the topic of today’s show.

And here to discuss this with us is Chez Barbosa. Chez is going to help break all this down for us and offers some strategies and techniques that could possibly help you make some life altering improvements.

I’ve known Chez and his wife charity for many years and at one time even had him consulting with my company before he made the jump to where he is now. He’s been married for 16 years and has three children. He’s the CEO and co-founder of True Vine Christian Services, which is a final one C three organization that offers professional mental health, mediation and coaching services.

He’s a licensed counselor specializing in marriage and family dynamics, along with communication and conflict resolution training. He’s also very active in his community, serving as a board member and has leadership roles and other nonprofit organizations. And he earned a bachelor’s degree in psychology from Southwest Baptist University and his master’s in counseling from Missouri Baptist University.