Common Sense Financial Podcast

The Family Office Model

Is it possible that the ultra-wealthy have financial advisors and other professionals assisting them with their money decisions? Aren’t they “smart enough” to do these things on their own?

In this podcast, I want to share a concept that perhaps you have never heard about, even though it has been around for over 100 years. It is called a Family Office. Having an integrated team of professionals all working synergistically together can bring vastly greater overall results.

That is why the ultra-wealthy have viewed family offices as an investment and a necessity for over a century.

People with above-average means but who are not ultra-wealthy struggle to know how to manage what they have accumulated in a meaningful way. Many people who have accumulated money still try to do everything themselves. They focus primarily on investments while missing out on opportunities the ultra-wealthy take advantage of each and every day.

At Skrobonja Financial Group we offer an integrated multifamily office model, offering an experienced team of professionals to serve multiple families. Our team assists those who want more for themselves and who could benefit from the resources of the ultra-wealthy.

Learn what the ultra-wealthy have know for over 100 years and why it may be a good idea to mirror success.