Many people accumulate their wealth in a bank or a long-term investment, and this may create problems.

But there is a different strategy.

In this new episode of the Common Sense Financial Podcast, host Brian Skrobonja goes over the Build Banking strategy and how you can consider a different banking paradigm using specially designed life insurance policies that allow you to start banking on yourself.

  • Most people know that banks use other people’s money to generate profits. This process is known as Fractional Reserve Banking, which is basically the bank using the spread between interest rates to profit.
  • For banks, it goes a little deeper. Banks can loan out the money they have on deposit to people, and those dollars are then deposited again, which begins the cycle anew. This process acts as a money-printing machine within the economy.
  • Banks aren’t currently required to hold any reserves to cover their customer’s deposits. The result of Fractional Reserve Banking is the expansion of the money supply which contributes to increased inflation.
  • Silicon Valley Bank recently found itself in trouble and was unable to cover its liabilities leaving depositors to rely on the government to bail them out.
  • It’s not realistic to be able to bypass the banking system entirely, but there are ways to take control of how you save and store money with a personal bank-like strategy.
  • Build Banking uses a specially designed whole life insurance policy that’s built on the inherent tax-favored nature and unique capabilities of those policies.
  • What makes Build Banking different is the design allows for rapid cash accumulation with uninterrupted tax-free growth, while having access to cash without having to rely on banks or Wall Street, but you have to set aside your preconceptions around life insurance.
  • The challenge is the language around life insurance policies and how most people understand what they are capable of.
  • With traditional banking, you either accumulate money and spend or borrow and then repay it. The Build Banking method offers a different strategy with a specially designed life insurance system that allows you to take back some of the control.
  • Not all policies are the same and loan features can vary greatly, so it’s important to work with a professional with experience in this area.
  • The main benefit of the Build Banking strategy is the ability to have your money remain in the policy and continue to grow uninterrupted, while simultaneously using a policy loan from the insurance company for personal use.
  • A business owner has an extra advantage because they can leverage the loan in their business, creating both an internal and external return.
  • This strategy also gives the policy owner a lot of control over how and when the loan is repaid because of the nature of the life insurance policy. 



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