You feel healthy so everything is okay, right? Have you ever thought that health planning should be part of your retirement planning efforts?

If you’ve answered ‘yes,’ pay close attention to Regan Archibald!

Regan joins host Brian Skrobonja to discuss how people should approach health planning, the world of preventive care, the role of nutrition, and why longevity medicine is something you should be mindful of.

  • Regan Archibald kicks off the conversation by sharing his origin story.
  • In his work with entrepreneurs, Regan has found that when people focus on creating more balance and focus on their health, their business improves – and so does everything else.
  • One of the major health issues both Regan and Brian have noticed is that many people think that if they feel okay, everything is okay…
  • Regan stresses the importance not only to focus on a certain problem (like high blood pressure) but on trying to understand its cause (so, asking “Why is my blood pressure high?”).
  • Regan illustrates how longevity medicine and financial planning share some of the same characteristics.
  • “Peptides have been one of the most exciting developments,” says Regan. He explains why that’s the case.
  • Regan believes that people should approach their health insurance the same way they approach their car insurance.
  • What’s a good amount to budget toward health planning? For Regan, the answer to that is $15k/year.
  • For Regan, making your health the #1 priority so that you feel it internally, is an excellent way to get started with health planning.
  • Brian and Regan talk about what working with Regan actually looks like, and discuss diets and how to approach nutrition.



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