Ep 79: 6 Tips for Choosing the “Right Fit” Financial Advisor

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Are you part of that 68% of people who would like to have a personalized financial plan, but aren’t sure where to find a financial advisor? What should you pay attention to when trying to get a financial planning expert to help you, and you’re evaluating different options? In this new episode of the Common Sense Financial Podcast, host Brian Skrobonja shares six factors you should keep into consideration and look at when going through different financial advisor options.

  • According to a May 2022 PR Newswire survey, 68% of people would like to have a personalized financial plan, but they’re not sure where to find a financial advisor.
  • Brian sees information-gathering and understanding that planning isn’t the same as investing are the biggest mental hurdles of financial planning.
  • When it comes to picking a financial advisor, there are six primary factors Brian suggests looking at.
  • A 2022 study found that 80-90% of advisors fail in the first three years of practice – the main reason being the steep learning curve involved in serving clients.
  • 10 years is the minimum that Brian would look for in terms of experience a financial advisor has.
  • Brian discusses the different designations a financial advisor might have.
  • Brian touches upon the importance of whether a financial advisor owns the company and the range of services they offer.

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